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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2013 10:30am-11:00am PST

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and first of all, i would like to say that my name is washington and i'm here to at another time my horn and say without a doubt that we african americaings and negroes black are in a state of mainly you don't hear my leaders or preachers come up here and saying that and that is a question that puds as wells me too and i suggest that supervisor to encourage your colleagues to have ecome and have a hearing in the fill more where the government said they need to have a renewal and here, we have a public housing and the agency is corrupted and a lot of thing are corrupted and that housing a lot of our african america community and then we had the redevelopment community and so the mayor is restructuring two giant agencies for the 20 last 20 years
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redevelopment and housing authorities which is housing a lot of african america community. and wd is seasoning out rfp's for efor what the helm, i don't know and we have a community that doesn't have a mother-in-laws association label, also blacks on the leaders account and the mayor said that the city is in a big bend -- well lord have mercy he just don't know we have been sweep like by a broom and we have racism on both side we have white people saying that there is racism and there is racism for years, black history month, we have been displayed and replaced because of our race and something has to be done. you must do something..
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>> thanks next speaker. >> good day supervisors my name is robert green. i would like to say that i do not own firearms and i do not rise to the opposition combining date from the your resolution and fbi assault weapons are been responsible for barely one half of all firearm related murder over the last eight years and virginia tech is a reason to support senior feinstein's legislation and the outcome would have been a little different if two rounds would have been used instead of one. only fully autonomickic weapons are truly webs of wor war but senator feinstein's elaboration annual deals with semi automatic weapons and based primarily on the way they look and i don't know if it's possible to show
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on image on the overhead and there are manufactures who make firearms with and without a pistol grip and this is an example and it's available with a traditional ripe stock and a pistol grip ask it can be urea useful for people who have limited mobility strength and detection tare tie and the parts are interchangeable and one would be an assault weapon while the other would remain legal and finally there are several type graphical errors in the proposed resolution and it uses the wrong title to senior's feinstein's resolution and i usually urge you not to pass it. >> thank you next speaker my name is virginia bareet and i'm with the anti-pathology s s poems for the movement and
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i'm a member of the poet's brig gate and alhando and i was happy to here that supervisor mar attended the inauguration this sunday day in a desire to bring more poetry to city hall and to the city in jeep i have brought a small poem to read read and i hope this beginning a weekly practice here and this was written in support of occupy. the ability to fly. gray sayingels are lined up like bankers in suits along the jag ed edge of the old coastal road now slipped into the sand. winnings held tight at their side, they stair out at the waves as it's trying to earth as
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contain if the [spelling?] market will bring a highly yield and that the ocean is a continuous flow of give and tack while the bankers think of agreed agreedy's sake of only the ladder of take and take what a difference the ability to fly can make thank you, and i urge you to bring more poetry into the schools and i teach in mar inand they have stooded grades sen through 8pm and i have also taught poetry in san francisco but very little there is not enough money for it and the teachers cannot fit money into their curriculum and so i would like us to add poet 33 this grades seventh through eight in san francisco. thank
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you.. >> tom gilbert richmond apartments a reclarification. a long time ago the cup a is half full and half empty and my category is that the broken cup has been reglued and taped and i'm happy to be able to real here because people in my category are not able to reach for this microfop and use it and try to speak in then and is carry thoughts. those are all precious drops. i'm trying to -- when i come here and talk about how silence and quiet in our neighborhood, we don't need to have it robbed by buildings that make noise 24 hours a day and i'm happy to come here and speak for two minutes but i would be happier if it was
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three minutes. don't get me wrong on that and i'll whether as be happy when this passes and it's a proved and so what we are doing here is greatestness and freedom of speech and thank you for being here for that and wo weeks ago when we were here the public comment became poisonous and kind-of painful almost torturous and until i die, i'll refer to that moment to when i was saved by the bell but that also brings up a little element. another piece of greatness the separation of the church and state and for the people who were here or heard it on television last week, that should be on you-tube and that is exactly why. we want separation of church and state. and i'm running out of time, could i have another minute,
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please? sir you used your two minutes, thank you very much. >> we need to enforce the same time limit for every individual here so i appreciate your patience with that. >> already supervisors first i would i want to welcome norman 83 and we look forward to your participation here and i'm here in my role as had he been and secretary of our mep health board to let you know about our next pete meeting that has general public interest to invite you to our next meeting at 6:30 p.m. one zero one groove street, 300 and we are going to talk about a b 716 and it's a do not lie list for bart and it's a state law that the l.a. transit system has decided not to adopt it but bard has decided to adopt
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it to develop criteria about who and who cannot ride bart because of the criteria is if you seecy if youfying on the trains you won't be allowed to ride but some of the other criteria about interfering with passengers and creating a commotion is fuzzy and they have not decided how to train their plies yet and they are look into it and they have presented to the san matt at a yo health board [spelling?] and a now san francisco about how to enforce the mental hetero list and so i invite you to come, it's wednesday, february 13th 6:30 p.m., one 01 groove street, 300. i hope you will tell your
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constituent about it in your newsletter and i hope you can a at the particular time thank you very much. >> next speaker please. . >> good afternoon supervisors i notice you are all sitting in your seats and there is one person missings and i know why he is not sitting in his seat and that is because he doesn't want to hear about the dead man johnson and my only comment is that police and leaders back east are discussing civil rights issues from 1999 and the 70 of san francisco should be ashamed for how it has deliberately avoided a dead man's a gay dead man's suspicious death. second degreely, i would like to thank
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wills tock and chronicle for the following quote that appeared roughly a week and-a-half ago. " but then pop said who want to have to see if it moves having to carry the mayors water all the time," she hit it right on the nose, perfect description of district four. but i always thought that district four was suppose to represent district four. but may be i have i'm imbuesed and also, i'll like to say one comment on mayor's long-whipped speech yesterday what happened to the topic of city hall corruption, i guess you are not suppose to mention it but then, i have to mention it. thirdly, if everybody doesn't want help re alvair resident to get a pension, i suggest the mayor kindly donate his pension to mr. alvair resident but then, i would also
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caution that he would have to get the wife's opinion about that decision and then the last thing that i would like to mention is that new orleans mayor better look up that subject because first it was -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] thank you very much. >> let me ask any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is over madame clerk can you read the a comes opp item on the calendar. >> yeah, a single role call vote on these items in a member object a matter can be removed and considered separately. members would anyone liability like to remove any of these sums items. >> president yierks supervisor chu, aye, supervisor cohen, aye, supervisor farrell, farrell aye
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supervisor kim, kim aye supervisor mar, mar aye, supervisor wiener, wiener aye, supervisor yee, supervisor breed? there are 11 ayes. madame clerk can you please begin reading todayth's memoryianians yes on behalf of supervisor kim for the late hs carey stockholders and doctor marlene yens and on behalf the avalos for the late mr. clone. >> that concluded our business for today mr. president. at this time, meeting is adjourned go 49ers.
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco this petition authority. >> i want to welcome commissioner london bree for the first commission meeting. welcome and congratulations on being here. our clerk is erica chang is sfgt are charles and mark.
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i believe that satisfies our first item roll call. second item? >> to approve the minutes of the december 4, 2012 meeting. it is an action item. >> any comments? public comment? any member of the public would like to comment on item 2? will close of the comment. colleagues can we have a motion to approve the minutes? >> so moved. second by supervisor cohen. next item. >> item 3 citizens advisory committee report. an information item. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i have a report.
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i have a quick report from the december 5 meeting of the cac. at this time we have reviewed and passed action items 5 through 9 from the december 4 plans and programs agenda. the first cac meeting of 2013 will be on wednesday, jan. 23rd. at this meeting we will vote for the chair and vice chair. for the up coming year. thank you. >> thank you very much for your presentation. if there are no comments or questions we can go on the public comment. public comment is now open. no one comes forward.
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we will close public comment. our next item. >> number four recommend allocation -- prop k funds, to the seven san francisco transportation committee (reading from agenda) an action item. >> i wanted to take the opportunity to welcome our new commissioner breed to the authority board and congratulations and we look forward to working with you. i will also introduce ben supka and courtney aguirre our staff to give a report on this item a group allocation memo of prop k
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sales tax funds as well as prop aa the vehicle registration funds. >> i will present the first item and courtney will present the last three items. this item begins on page 19 of your packet. we have five prop k requests and prop aa request is link to one of the prop k requests. we adopted a five-year plan. this project are in compliance with the five-year plan except with the -- funding. we have to find funding for the conceptual engineering part for that. prop aa program we adopted strategic planning for those funds.
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expected leveraging, page 25 and 28 go through brief descriptions of the requests in our recommendations. the first two requests are part for the one ba area grant. we are not entering the project development phase, increasing project readiness. all the project are addressing cost issues, engineering issues, immediate support, environmental issues to make sure we have the strongest project to go through the federal funding cycle. we are the january to april time frame. in february, cac march plans and programs committee will come back with a more robust
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update as to where we are with the all of the one bay area projects. in june the board will be adapting its final recommendations. that final recommendation goes onto the metropolitan transportation commission at the end of june. as i said we are right at the beginning of the project development phases. one of the two projects are requested, prop k funds to help support the one bay area program, balboa park. it will be added to the previous request of 300,000 dollars to complete an engineering report for what are called fast-track -- 3.7 million dollar program that includes things like widening the northside sidewalk, installing transit arrival signs, accessibility
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improvements, and most salient to the request, new shelter canopies at the north and south side. the picture shows this. to give you some site context of. we want to push along the fast-track projects. looking at more engineering analysis, walkways, the poles to see if they can be moved out of the walkway. another piece is really doing design coordination between the -- project recently funded and the widening of the sidewalk in the shelter canopies. the design elements,
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will be discussed with all of the agency partners in february. the initial design of the canopies has already been brought to balboa park. the next meeting is in march or april. the canopy design will also go to the city design review committee to get approval in march. i want to leave you with the project stands, the schedule, for the shelter canopies portion construction is september 2015, complete construction in june 2016. next item is similar. prop k support conceptual engineering and planning for the -- corridor improvement project,
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a complete project that involves sidewalks, bike lanes, paving, landscaping. it is a multiagency, multidistrict project. both the san francisco recreation department, the municipal transportation agency, and department public works are working together. also a multidistrict project. a second districts 9, 10, 11. the scope of work included is to do the planning work that needs to do to find the preferred alternative for the corridor in the conception legendary that would follow along with that. but will include two community meetings in february and march in the selection of the preferred alternative in the presentation of that alternative to the arts commission for approval. both this requesting the previous request will result in conceptual engineering reports and the application in april. let me give you the project schedule for the -- project.
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it will be designed in april, 2014, construction in 2015, and complete construction in july o2016. courtney will complete the presentation. >> the sfmta has requested 216,000 dollars in prop k funds. the detail request starts on page 59. cigna locations can be viewed of the map on page 71. the project will also include the installation of new pedestrian signals, signal controllers, conduit wiring, poles, new ramps. based on accident history, traffic volume, progression and benefits to users.
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the authority previously approved the scope of this project when it allocated prop k funds for the design phase for this project in 2010. the prop k funds will leverage -- federal highway fund and. sfmta dissipates this entire project will be completed in december 2013. sfmta has requested 720,000 in prop k funds to install signals and control boxes, and single pedestrian signals that 22 intersections along franklin street and divisadero street. on page 26 of your packet you can view the specific locations. 19 locations along franklin, 3 along divisadero. the conduit is going to be
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installed in coordination with the department up other works repaving projects on both of these corridors. -- already program to install the pedestrian countdown signals occurring after the conduit installation at these locations. that work is anticipated to begin in june 20 fourteenth after the paving work is completed. >> we had approved that earlier this year? >> that is correct, july, 2012. >> last year. >> yeah. the final request is from bart, for the 24sth st. pedestrian improvements. bart requested 200,000 in funds and -- as part of the larger 24
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street pedestrian proven project. this project specifically will focus on sopwith plaza and includes installation of two cub ramps, public artwork, landscape improvements such as artistic fencing. bart's 24th street north -- project is a continuation. this project was from eight community-based plan -- prop k will be leveraging 2.1 million, bart anticipates construction of this project will begin in february 2013 and concluded the end of this calendar year. this request as required financially neutral amendment to the prop aa strategic
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improvement, five-year prioritization program to -- from fiscal year 2013-14 to 14-15. to enable bart to award and begin construction again. this is a financially neutral amendment to the strategic plan. that concludes the request. >> okay very good. thank you for your presentations. if there are no comments or questions from the committee will go onto public comment. any member from the public would like to comment on these items come forward. seeing none will close public comment. can we have a motion to forward this recommendation? okay will do that without objection. >> item number five, update of the transportation plan, information item.
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>> good morning commissioners. rachel -- principal transportation planner. what i would like to share with you as an update or summary of the outreach results from our fall 2012, the last time it came to you and updated you on the san francisco transportation plan, we were about to kick off a major round of outreach. the purpose of that was to get feedback from the public and to educate the public and stakeholders about transportation needs, available revenues and also to get feedback on what the public's interest would be in transportation investment under a so-called mission scenario. if there were mo r


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